Shenzhen GP Packing Products Co., Ltd. (GP) is a professional paper and film-related offset and UV printing and packaging manufacturing company. Our company started from a state-owned printing factory in 1984.

With bold innovation and pursuing excellence, we are stably developing in the value chain, advancing with the times, keeping up with innovations, and broadening the scope of services in the intelligent manufacturing environment. Depth and breadth.
Today, GP has developed into a printing company with a professional color management system. It provides domestic and international customers with integrated package solutions for high-end to low-end brands, and is committed to continuously saving packaging costs, enhancing brand value and assisting our clients grow their customer base. Our factory covers an area of more than 38,000 square meters and employs more than 400 professionals. Products cover hand-made cardboard boxes, folding cartons, cardboard books, cards, film boxes, hand bags, pit boxes, display stands, brochures, stickers, cardboard boxes and other paper products and plastic categories of printing and packaging. We provide assistance to the success of cosmetics, health, consumer electronics, children's cardboard books, hair jewelry, jewelry accessories, apparel display and other industries customers to provide professional, competitive packaging products and solutions.

Currently serving Fortune 500 clients including Walmart, Disney, Target, CVS Pharmacy, Sephora and other well-known retailers, as well as other small, medium and large brands, including Next, Elie Tahari, Conair, Goody, Adidas, Lacura, Remax, Honeywell, Artistry, etc.
For many years, GP has consistently adhered to strict control over quality, provided customers with excellent products and services, actively given back to society, and assumed corporate social responsibility, thus gaining the trust of many international and local well-known brands from different industries. A professional design R&D team consisting of more than 20 people actively captures the development trends of various industries, and can provide value-added services such as brand design, packaging and production for customers in all walks of life.
From raw material purchasing and warehousing, to prepress document production management, to professional paper products and film printing color management, to post-print glue, oil, beer scalding, silk printing and other post-processing, to hand-made products, tests, inspections, packaging, logistics and other procedures have reached industry leading levels. GP system certification includes ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, printing GMI certification, color management G7 certification, BSCI, Sedex, EICC, GSV and other industry social responsibility certification.At present, the main production facilities include Heidelberg 5+1 presses, Heidelberg 6+1 presses, Heidelberg 7+1 presses, Roland presses, and automatic oil, plastic, beer hot, silk screen, box pasting, window patching and a full set of intelligent production equipment.

Our Vision

To become the preferred and most reliable partner in the industry, adhere to the development concept of “limited resources, unlimited cycle”, adhere to the mission of “low-carbon environmental protection”, and strive to protect our natural resources while providing products to customers. Responsibility for achieving harmony and unity of corporate value, environmental value and social responsibility.

Our mission

Create value for partners through excellent service and high quality products.
Cultivating the talents and expertise of the team allows employees to feel proud at work and to be proud of being a gold ambassador.
Honest and trustworthy, spread the spirit of love, and actively contribute to society.

Our commitment

Your partner, your hope!

Looking forward to the future, GP will continue to introduce effective management tools in daily operations, actively seeking to integrate resources and develop business opportunities in strategic partnerships. We will continue to provide customers with diversified product design packages based on sustainable development and a century-old corporate attitude. As one of the promises and missions of the company, Integrated Services continues to explore and improve the existing production skills and explore new applications for different materials in different areas in accordance with the vision of the global environmental protection packaging industry technology leader companies that “lay out globally and serve the world”.