We serve our customers with "speed" and reflect our comprehensive capabilities with "delivery capabilities." Professional R & D team, professional customer service system, to achieve the entire process operation from design, to sample, to large goods production to customs clearance.


The professional quality management system, as well as the certification of a number of professional evaluation agencies, and the audit approval of existing customers, allows us to provide quality assurance to give customers confidence


Based on our customers' industry background, we work together with our customers to develop packaging solutions to improve the brand image of our colleagues and reduce the customer's packaging costs.

Over the past 30 years, our company has been adhering to the "customer first" business philosophy, based on our professional knowledge。 We follow the paper products printing manufacturing industry, professional product development team, customer service team, production management team allows us to provide our customers the highest quality products and best service. We have successfully provided high-quality printings for many well-known brands such as paper and plastic packaging, paper cards and cardboard books. Our clients include wholesalers, retailers, and design companies in the cosmetics, healthcare products, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, jewelry accessories, apparel, household products, consumer electronics, and logistics industries.

We understand that customers have very different requirements for printing and packaging. Whether you are one of the world's top Fortune 500 companies or a local small business, we can provide the best customer service, use the most suitable materials, and provide the best technology. To produce your unique printing and packaging products in the most affordable way.

At present, our company has passed the inspections of Walmart, Disney, Conair, Goody, CVS Pharmacy, Honeywell, Best Buy and other famous brand retailers.

Customer service