We want every customer to know GP’s commitment to quality management

GP has a complete comprehensive quality management system certification. The "comprehensive quality management system" includes ISO9001 quality management system, G7 and GMI color management system. After many years of accumulated experience in the comprehensive quality management system, we can accept more challenges from our customers.

GP not only has a strong comprehensive quality management system, but also assists in enhancing customer branding and brand images starting with detailed quality inspection to provide customers with the highest quality packaging service. Prior to the production, GP provides inspection services for customer as follows:

Description Photo Purpose
Ink printing wear tester Mainly used for ink and print, color box wear resistance and decolorization degree test. The abrasion resistance and the degree of decolorization are determined by the friction between the measured material and white calendered paper.
ECT & RCT tester Mainly used for corrugated board Edge Crush Test (ECT), Paper Ring Crush Test (RCT), Corrugated Paper Adhesion Strength Test (PAT), Corrugated Board Flat Crush Test (FCT), Base Paper Post-Crush Compression Strength Test (CCT), and Flat Compression Strength (CMT), Honeycomb paperboard flat crush test, anti- bending and a series of compression test.